Why work with SCE

The SCE difference

We don't think of ourselves as "service and product providers", we think of ourselves as your partners in efficiency to generate mutual business success. As a business we want to generate long lasting and profitable relationships with you to reach your business needs and growing our business at the same time. As a business we bring with us a wealth of international experience and expertise from a team with an excellent track record.

With a full picture of your business we will plan a system that is specific to you and aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and quality while reducing energy consumption and thereby reducing overall cost.

What do our clients receive in working with us?

Enhanced Brand Quality

Our systems help you perform at your best and provide your clients with excellent outcomes whether they be service or product based

Better Business Efficiency

With a custom SCE solution you can be guaranteed that your business will operate with greater efficiency in executing your core services

Better Productivity

Whether it be increased staff productivity in optimised human environments or increased efficiency in the production process, an SCE solution will help you maximise your ROI

Global Expertise

The SCE team includes global industry leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them to provide your business with the best possible solution

Industry Track Record

SCE has provided many successful strategies and installations in a variety of industries and has a proven track record of success


We look beyond the basics, constantly researching solutions and technologies to deliver bespoke solutions specific to each of our clients

The SCE Process - Understanding your strategic growth plans

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease downtime of machinery
  • Increase shelf-life of stored items
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Keep your business up to required standards
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce overhead and maintenance cost
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