Aerospace and Defence

Why work with us?

SCE supplies a range of portable systems for active status and long-term preservation where the cost of preserving each vehicle/aircraft is cheaper than drying the entire storage facility.

SCE also provides fixed dedicated and custom designed systems for spare parts inventory storage as well as vehicles and aircraft hangers.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Lower costs in equipment loss and maintenance
  • Increase longevity of stored machines and ammunition
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Create environments devoid of corrosive moisture and pollutants
  • Maintain the reliability of equipment and electronics with high uptime and operational readiness


Preservation of aircraft from corrosion

SCE provides portable dry air systems for the maintenance of active status and operational readiness. These systems remove moisture, which is the catalyst for corrosion as well as a multitude of electronics and computer system failures, that limits operational readiness hours. Our systems save the replacement cost of components and extend the operational hours before refurbishment is required.

Preservation of spare parts and electronics

Dedicated high-tech electronic computing, circuit boards as well as sensitive engine parts need to be preserved to ensure longevity and viability when required in the future. Our systems provide dry air preservation to ensure moisture and ozone are removed which attacks these sensitive materials and decreases longevity and could affect viability.

Preservation of Ammunition

Reliability of ammunition is dependent on moisture and temperature. Once the crates in which the ammunition are stored are opened the hermetic seal is broken and the ammunition has a shelf life from this point. Our systems manage the stored environment to maintain a dry air scenario which extends the life cycle of stored ammunition and increases active status lifetimes.

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