Agriculture and Horticulture

Why work with us?

Organic tissue in the presence of high humidity is susceptible to mould and decay. The Agriculture and Horticulture industries are dependent on the reliability of seed germination, storage and preservation of harvested crops. Using our systems our clients are assured of seed preservation for posterity of seed strains as well as cultivation. Furthermore, quality, integrity and clean mould free crops are highly marketable with increased shelf life in retail outlets.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Remove moisture pressure from the ambient air
  • Increase the quality and longevity of stored items
  • Maintain the quality of crops by keeping them mould free
  • Reduction in overheads and total cost due to product loss
  • Create highly marketable crops with an increased shelf life


Seed storage

Storage of seed, whether for maintaining the strain for future posterity or for between harvest cycles for cultivation, is affected by moisture in the climate which can be detrimental to quality and longevity. SCE systems maintain the ambient environment thereby preserving seed quality for years to come.

Potato storage

Potatoes are highly susceptible to damage in high moisture conditions when in storage. SCE systems enable farmers to harvest and store potatoes for long periods of time enabling continuity of supply to retail outlets all year round.

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion, when harvested, require a small amount of drying prior to being placed in storage. SCE systems allow farmers to dry and store these products for extended periods of time enabling a continuous supply chain to retail outlets year round.

Silo Conditioning and Drying

Moisture in the air creates problems for farmers when seeds, grains and fertilisers are stored in Silos. Silos can be kept dry by using SCE systems preserving the contents or can be used to condition and further dry the contents in Silos.

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