Why work with us?

Managing construction projects, whether against time constrained deadlines or preserving what has been built against inclement weather, often requires specialised solutions to dry or keep structures dry. Saturated air and cold weather slow down the drying time of concrete and other construction materials.

Our systems allow building materials to dry irrespective of weather conditions by pumping warm air, at a low energy cost, into a cocooned area which facilitates efficient and predictable drying times. Delays in the construction supply chain are minimised which translates into the meeting of deadlines and savings in time, energy, aggravation and cost.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Dry material irrespective of the surrounding weather
  • Preserve steel structures
  • Increase productivity with lower down-time
  • Preserve architectural features


Concrete drying.

Evaporation of water from a surface and from within a material requires a lower humidity of the air than that of the material surface in order that water can be transported into the air in the form of evaporation. Rainy or cold weather leaves the air saturated with water, slowing the drying out of the concrete or material which in turn postpones the time when the structure can be painted or tiles or carpets can be laid on the floors.

Our systems allow the material to be dried irrespective of the surrounding weather, helping construction companies meet deadlines and saving them time and cost. Our systems pump extremely dry warm air at very low energy cost into a "cocooned " space, providing a micro climate for the material to transport internal water to the dry surrounding air.

Preservation of steel structures

Steel structures such as bridges, wind turbine towers, ice rinks etc, have micro climates in voids within the structure. External weather temperatures cause heating and cooling within these voids. This results in condensation which corrodes steel in contact with air. SCE systems maintain humidity levels below 45% which is the optimal level for preventing corrosion. The integrity of the steel structure is protected and maintenance costs reduced as the need for frequent surface preparation and treatment is minimised.

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