Food and beverage

Why work with us?

SCE’s technology is used in more than 50% of the manufacture and production applications of food and beverage materials that a consumer will come into contact with on a daily basis. With a full picture of your business, we will plan a system that is specific to you and aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and quality while reducing energy consumption and thereby reducing overall cost.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Reduce energy consumption in the manufacture and production process
  • Create specific environments for the efficient and quality production of products in the food and beverage industry
  • Reduce overheads and total cost to produce
  • Improve end product quality
  • Extended shelf life of products


Dry silo preservation

In the production of most foods, there is an element of powdered foodstuffs such as starch, flour or sugar. These powdered foodstuffs are stored in Silos to preserve them.

Most of these powders are hydroscopic meaning they absorb water. Therefore, in a humid environment, there is the potential for these substances to solidify in silos and pneumatic conveying systems. The maintenance cost that this can cause is extensive.

It is imperative that these Silos humidity levels be managed to preserve the foodstuffs and prevent them from solidifying. Having an SCE system reduces the risk of this happening and the overall cost associated with this level of maintenance.

Sweets/Candies – Curing/Drying/Storage

In the production of sweets and candies, where there is a desired shape and texture, having a system that dries with moderate heat is preferable in the maintenance of product quality and keeping energy consumption low.

Further to this once the product is manufactured it is essential that it be stored in a dry environment to maintain quality and maximize shelf life.

Chocolate storage

When Chocolate is stored in moist or humid conditions it affects the product quality and appearance over time. SCE systems maintain the exact quality standard of the product when stored in the correct conditions.

Ice-cream blast freezers

Blast freezers and low-temperature storage freezers perform extremely efficiently when moisture is removed from inside these areas. Moisture condenses and freezes on evaporator fan coil units which dramatically reduce heat transfer and overall performance. Our systems improve productivity and reduce energy consumption dramatically by ensuring that these areas are kept at a controlled moisture level.

Pan-coating for sweets and gums

The process of candy coating sweets and gums is done efficiently when dry air accelerates the creation of the candy layer. SCE’s systems assist in accelerating the candy layer production which means an increase in process productivity, end product quality and a decrease in time to produce these candies. This reduction in time helps in reducing overall energy consumption and overheads in the production of these sweets and Gums.

Brewing tank room conditioning

In the production of beer, the tank rooms which house either the fermentation or settling tanks need to be controlled at low dew points to prevent condensation which can lead to the formation of undesirable mould and hazardous ice.

SCE systems remove the moisture inside these rooms reducing the energy required for refrigeration and removing the health and staff risks associated with iced surfaces and mould growth.

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