Why work with us?

HVAC involves the heating and cooling of air within indoor spaces such as offices, hotels, auditoriums and malls to name a few. Our systems help building management create optimised working environments for increased comfort, health and productivity. Our systems also help businesses in going green by reducing their energy usage.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Reduce energy consumption in creating optimised working environments
  • Reduce "sick building" syndrome
  • Reduce overheads in maintaining internal environments


Mould prevention

When you drop temperature you increase the relative humidity in an area. This can lead to condensation and create the perfect environment for mould growth and corrosion of sensitive materials and electric components. Our systems dehumidify the air reducing the risk of mould growth and corrosion which can damage buildings, cause an increase in cost and create hazardous working environments.

Condensation prevention

Cooled air in a moistened environment creates condensation on surfaces which can result in corrosion of wiring systems and damage to computers, amongst other things. SCE dehumidifying systems prevent condensation thus preventing hazardous electrical faults and reducing maintenance costs.

Application with chilled beams

Where chilled beams are used in ceilings in the process of cooling an area and there is moisture in the air, condensation can occur. We provide a solution to ensure the dew point of air is just less than that of the chilled beam.

Energy reduction

Dehumidification using DX systems to remove moisture with re-heat can prove to be very expensive in energy cost. Our desiccant sorption method has proven to be far more energy efficient and, therefore, has a lower energy cost.

Fresh air conditioning

We are able to introduce air at a building neutral level. We condition the air with a low energy cost as well as reclaiming energy from the extracted air that can then be used to recondition fresh air.

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