Injection/blow-moulding condensation control

Why work with us?

Injection-moulding as well as blow moulding requires hot molten plastics to be injected/blown into a high-quality mould thereafter cooled by circulating chilled water through the mould walls to solidify the product. This chilled water provides the opportunity for condensation to occur. However, a high-quality surface can only be obtained when the mould surface is free of dust and condensation.

By using the desiccant method, we are able to provide a specialised climate which enables the injection/blow moulding manufacturer to decrease their chilled water temperature as low as 2-3°C which accelerates the cooling of the plastic products. This decreases mould cycle time dramatically and improves both quality and productivity of the mould.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Provide dry clean air to keep the mould surface clean at all times
  • Provide extremely low dry air dew points lower than freezing point
  • Decreased cycle times and improved machine productivity
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