Minerals and Mining

Why work with us?

Operations in the processing of minerals often occur in inadequate climate environments which include high levels of humidity that can be detrimental to the systems being used. This increases the long-term cost of machine replacement and inefficiency in operations which affects overhead costs and reduces profitability.

Our systems increase the overall efficiency of mineral processing operations through the reduction in the cost of maintaining systems and machinery which can then affect the productivity of the operations. Furthermore, our systems create safer working environments for Miners

Our products help our clients to:

  • Specific environments for the efficient processing of minerals
  • Reduced overheads and total cost to process minerals
  • Clean and safe working environments
  • Low humidity environments
  • Keep high-tech measurement equipment accurate e.g. laser diamond sorters


Diamond sorting machines

Laser Diamond sorting machines require specific climates to operate at maximum efficiency and maintain their accuracy. SCE systems control moisture levels to ensure the accuracy and preservation of these machines.

Preservation of switch gear rooms

The reliability of switch gears, both large and small, is highly important in production processes. However, these switches are susceptible to corrosion attack which will reduce reliability and the continuity of electricity supply. Our systems control the climate to reduce corrosion, increase system preservation and maintain system productivity.

Corrosion prevention

Corrosion is the enemy of human safety and capital equipment longevity. SCE systems reduce humidity levels at any temperature to below the point where corrosion is no longer an issue.

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