Petro-Chemical Industry

Why work with us?

In using an SCE system, you will have a reduction in maintenance costs of your equipment as well as an increase in the longevity of capital equipment. This particular maintenance technique is only possible when utilising our technology.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Removal of moisture which catalyses the corrosive salts
  • Elimination of the possibility of corrosion
  • Reduction in the costs of loss of capital equipment and efficient production


Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is the enemy of human safety and capital equipment longevity. SCE systems reduce humidity levels at any temperature to below the point where corrosion is no longer an issue thereby decreasing the risk of harm to workers while increasing the longevity of capital equipment.

Silo Conditioning and Drying

Hydroscopic granulate product stored in silos is susceptible to moisture solidifying the contents of the silo. SCE systems remove moisture, condition dry product to maintain product quality and reduce silo blockages and maintenance.

Dry air for shot-blasting tanks and storage vessels

Petroleum refineries store fuels inside large vessels and tanks. To ensure preservation and longevity of these tanks, the tanks have to be shot-blasted and re-coated with a protective seal. SCE systems provide very dry conditions to prevent rust bloom from occurring as soon as the metal surface is exposed to air.

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