Why work with SCE?

The manufacture of pharmaceutical products requires adherence to strict control over airflow, room pressurisation, efficient HEPA filtration, moisture and temperature conditions.

Low dew point air requirements are extremely expensive from an energy usage perspective when using DX-chilled-water-reheat system. The Desiccant method employed by SCE systems is 6 times more efficient in low dewpoint conditions. Our system is also able to recover energy from low-grade waste energy and from processed air exhaust systems.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Receive a full turnkey solution in air management
  • Maintain efficiency in Tablet pressing or dry air production environment
  • Assurance that drug efficacy remains viable
  • Adherence to HEPA filtration, moisture and temperature conditions
  • Optimised manufacturing environment control


Fresh air systems for low dew point environments

Manipulating air from hot, moist and dirty environments requires a specialised approach to purification with exact temperature and moisture content delivery. SCE systems achieve this with a very low energy cost which typically uses 6 times less energy than the conventional DX-chilled-water-reheat systems.

Heat recovery of total loss systems

In applications where the product manufactured requires a pressure room environment to avoid cross contamination with other products manufactured in the same facility, the air needs to be conditioned. This air is typically exhausted to waste however, it contains valuable energy which can be recovered and used to recondition air. SCE systems are able to provide up to 85% sensible heat recovery. This is an energy-saving technique that reduces energy cost on the input side of fresh air processing

Low dew point dry air systems for tablet manufacture

In the manufacture of compressed starch based tablets, the room air quality must be controlled to ensure that the starch remains "crisp" so that in a compression mould a solid dry tablet is formed. SCE systems provide a plug and play retrofit solution to any existing plant as an additional measure of solving marginal productivity issues. We are also able to provide a full bespoke turnkey solution customised to specific client needs.

Silo & production storage conditioning systems

The powders needed in the production of pharmaceutical products need to be managed to ensure continued efficacy of the chemistry and reduce the occurrence of hydroscopic materials solidifying in pneumatic conveyors, silos, bulk bags etc. Every material has its own sorption isotherm graph. Moisture content under the control of our systems can be specific to ensure that the powders remain granular. Maintaining powders and crystals in granular form reduces the risk of these materials solidifying thereby reducing downtime of machinery and eliminating the need to clean the silo interiors.

Energy reduction in low dew point systems

In neutral, and in pressure room environments, the expensive low dew point (dry) air required for production needs to be exchanged for new air. This expensive air can be reused, reconditioned and supplied back to the production space by utilising small systems with bypass air streams. Our systems are able to condition the total air stream. By conditioning a smaller quantity air which is then mixed with the larger volume to create the ideal total volume of conditioned air. These small highly efficient systems reduce the energy usage when compared to other systems. This can also reduce capital costs as they are smaller installations.

Drying of soft-gel capsules and gums

Management of exact climate control in the drying of soft-gel capsules and gums is vital for productivity, quality and efficiency. The focus is on a cool and dry environment, with dryness playing the major influencing factor in accelerating results and productivity.

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