Police and Correctional services

Why work with us?

The strict control and management of the storage of arms and ammunition in police and correctional services applications means that ventilation access to the vaults, strong rooms and safes may only be done through very small apertures. The control of moisture below 40% relative humidity ensures the arms and ammunition stored do not corrode or lose efficacy.

The desiccant drying method is able to produce the exact air condition without the need for water drainage and our systems are flexible in size and portability.

Our products help our clients as follows:

  • Receive a very dry supply of air into storage chambers
  • Secure solution that does not compromise location security
  • Increased lifespan of arms and ammunition
  • Maintain arms and ammunition efficacy
  • Lower costs in equipment loss and maintenance
  • Maintain operational readiness


Preservation of arms and ammunition

Reliability of ammunition is dependent on moisture and temperature. Once the crates in which the ammunition is stored are opened, and the hermetic seal is broken, the ammunition will have a shelf life from this point onwards. Corrosion of weaponry and arms is prevented in a dry environment. Our systems manage the stored environment to maintain a dry air scenario which extends the life cycle of stored ammunition and prolongs active status. Weaponry and arms are also held in a preserved status.

Fresh air management

For high-density populated environments the legal requirement to introduce clean fresh air is done for health and hygiene purposes. Access to confined/controlled spaces is limited which then requires a unique solution to be applied in this instance. Our systems enable police and correctional services to have a small physical footprint of forced air replacement systems as well as ensure the least energy is consumed comparatively to other systems.

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