Power and Utilities

Why work with us?

The generation of power, inclusive of distribution and switch gears, has a multitude of applications where the presence of moisture either degrades or prevents efficiency and continuity of supply. This can include potential harm to expensive capital turbines and generators while in storage or under shut down. The dry air systems set up by SCE are able to provide extremely dry conditions at any temperature situation or requirement while never producing water that needs to be delivered to a drain. Further, relative humidity below 15% with a corresponding temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is only achievable using our desiccant method.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Reduce moisture and the risk of corrosion attack
  • Maintain impedance levels on electrical insulation
  • Create and maintain a specific environment at a low energy footprint
  • Accelerate generator resin curing after winding repair


Preservation and corrosion prevention

Moderate moisture levels in the air are capable of allowing pitting corrosion on gas or steam turbine blades as well as electric switch gears which will reduce overall system reliability. Our systems remove moisture which reduces downtime and ensures the longevity of capital equipment. These systems are also flexible in size and capability allowing permanent and portable solutions for scheduled service or maintenance operations and/or fixed preservation conditions.

Generator repair, curing, drying and preservation

During needed maintenance periods generator windings are repaired and require resin to be applied and cured under specific conditions. Our systems are able to dry the resin and ensure that the generator itself is totally dry prior to the scheduled repair work. The flexibility of our systems improves efficiency and ensures optimal conditions for repair.

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