Sports and Leisure

Why work with us?

Areas that have high levels of human activity and high moisture load from bathrooms and swimming pools provide an ideal environment for bacteria to develop and thrive. What we need are areas that are devoid of bacteria, mould and spores and have fresh clean air. The desiccant method is able to use the waste heat from existing refrigeration plants to dry the internal air as well as the fresh air introduced into the training space. Therefore, the energy footprint with the addition of having perfect air conditions is extremely small as less energy is required to condition it.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Monitor and control the moisture in the environment
  • Remove moisture at lower energy cost compared to traditional methods.
  • Allow fresh air to dilute the internal air according to occupancy levels


Mould, corrosion & condensation prevention with swimming pools

Having an indoor swimming pool enables the young and the aged as well as sensitive swimmers to swim 365 days of the year independent to whatever season it may be outside or any harsh inclement weather. However, this environment is also susceptible to the formation of condensation which can lead to mould growth and corrosion. Our systems provide a comprehensive solution by maintaining a balance of evaporation from the pool and extraction of moisture content to control air quality.

Energy reduction and fresh-air management

Being an indoor closed facility, there is a legal requirement to provide fresh & clean introduced air at a rate which matches the maximum designed occupancy of the facility. This fresh air is either much hotter or cooler than the air inside which provides a challenge for the facility owner to meet legal requirements while keeping energy running costs low. Our systems monitor the external ambient environment as well as the internal environment and introduces fresh air while recovering warmer or cooler air from the exhaust air condition to heat or cool the fresh incoming air stream. This is done automatically to maximise the energy reduction opportunity.

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