Telecommunications, IT and Data Centres

Why work with us?

Effective climate control is a necessity in the telecommunications, IT and Data centre industries. With too much moisture there is the risk of corrosion and with too little moisture there is the risk of static. SCE supplies a range of portable and fixed systems for active and long-term preservation where the cost of preservation and control outweighs the cost of downtime and equipment replacement. SCE also provides fixed dedicated and custom designed systems for dedicated control, and alternative energy and energy recovery use.

Our products help our clients to:

  • Reduce moisture and the risk of corrosion
  • Reduce the risk of static
  • Reduce energy usage with PUE in mind


Corrosion prevention and humidity control

When air is cooled and contracted as a requirement to remove heat from computer servers and telecommunication switches the resulting contraction of the air increases the relative humidity. The higher the relative humidity the worse the effects of corrosion and moisture related electronic failure. Our systems maintain an ideal band of moisture with a very low energy cost to ensure the extremes of high moisture corrosion and low moisture static are prevented.

Free cooling systems

As energy is expensive and has become less available it has become necessary to reduce the energy footprint of these industry installations. FREE Cooling™ is a cost effective alternative to air conditioning/refrigeration based cooling which has a much higher energy cost.

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