Who we are

About Specialised Climate Engineering (SCE)
We develop custom climate control solutions for industrial and commercial processes. Through long-term partnerships, we enable local manufacturers and distributors to produce export quality products at global standards of efficiency. Our unique approach to the Human Comfort Window also optimises working environments, boosting staff productivity and improving efficiency.

SCE delivers solutions for air handling, dehumidification and humidification, energy recovery, and heating and cooling solutions. We offer a wide range of services, from consulting and engineering to support and even offer rental solutions. Our experience includes a range of industries such as manufacturing, distribution and services sectors. To help our customers maintain high standards of productivity and efficiency, we ensure our trademarked “Your Specialised Climate®” creates the perfect balance of humidity and temperature in your facility. This will help your factory, plant or warehouse to achieve the best quality, productivity and longevity. The team at SCE also has years of research and installation experience in a wide variety of applications. Our expertise has equipped us with the know-how to overcome most climate control challenges. Our experienced mechanical engineers and specialists are committed to recovering your facility's waste energy – ensuring you achieve the lowest energy footprint possible.

Benefits of partnering with SCE
  • We are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses.
  • We take a strategic approach: our team first understands your business needs and goals, and then we work with you to design, supply and implement new technologies and processes to enhance your performance.
  • We make use of high-quality equipment from American and European suppliers, giving you access to reliable, world-class technology and components that adhere to global standards.
  • We deliver specialised solutions at short notice.
  • We nurture long-term relationships with clients through post-purchase services and maintenance programmes.
Our Regions
Our suppliers

Seibu Giken DST AB supplies desiccant dehumidifiers in over 40 countries. Its products work by passing air through a rotor that absorbs moisture, which is then removed by a hot air stream.

CAREL provides control solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, as well as systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. It has partners and distributors in 75 countries.

Kuul® evaporative media is manufactured in the USA and offers a versatile range of products.

HC Heat-Exchangers specialises in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. It grew out of The Heating Centre group, which was founded in 1973.

Schneider Electric is a leader in power management and automation systems. It provides integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software.

Ziehl-Abegg is a leading global company in ventilation, control and drive technology. It established the basis for modern fan drives, which are still seen as state-of-the-art technology.