Food and beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers depend on effective climate control. SCE creates climate control solutions that are specific to our clients’ needs and significantly increase productivity, efficiency and quality. Our solutions also reduce energy consumption and, in the process, overall cost.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to carefully control airflow, pressurisation, air filtration, moisture and temperature inside their facilities. SCE’s desiccant method does just this. The method is an energy-efficient alternative to power-intensive DX-chilled-water-reheat systems and six times more efficient in low dew point conditions.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology controls the climate in enclosed spaces such as offices, hotels, auditoriums and malls. SCE assists building managers to optimise working environments to increase comfort, health and productivity. Our solutions also reduce energy consumption.

Retail and distribution

SCE's climate control solutions for retail and distribution environments remove water and ice in blast freezers, cold storage and logistics facilities using our patented DryZONE® systems. With these systems we can dry air at a dew point as low as -60°C, effectively removing all ice and moisture from a facility.

Power utilities

Moisture can harm power generation processes and degrade assets such as capital turbines and generators. SCE’s dry air systems create extremely dry preservation conditions in any environment, regardless of the temperature. Our technology dries air without producing water, and with our specialised desiccant method, we achieve humidity below 15% with a corresponding temperature of 20°C.

Telecommunications, IT and data centres

The equipment inside telecommunications, IT and data centres can corrode when it is exposed to too much moisture. At the same time, too little humidity can cause static. SCE supplies a range of portable and fixed systems for active and long-term preservation of equipment. We also provide fixed, custom-designed systems and solutions for alternative energy cooling and energy recovery.

Sports and leisure

High moisture loads in bathrooms and swimming pools create the ideal environment for bacterial growth and mould. SCE solutions reduce bacterial growth by reducing moisture. This method uses the waste heat from existing refrigeration equipment to dry the air inside your facility, as well as the fresh air brought into the training area – without increasing energy consumption.


Construction projects often require specialised solutions to dry concrete and other materials, or to keep structures dry and corrosion free. SCE solutions dry building materials by pumping dry air into cocooned areas at a low energy cost – even in wet weather conditions. You benefit from predictable drying times and fewer delays in the construction supply chain.

Agriculture and horticulture

Agricultural and horticultural industries depend on reliable seed germination, good storage conditions and preservation of harvested crops. SCE has solutions to protect seeds from humidity that cause mould and decay. Our systems also keep crops preserved, increasing their value and shelf life of the end product.

Automotive paint shops

Car manufacturers and paint shops have to complete their spray-painting processes in high-quality, clean air, or fine particles of dust and fluff can stick to vehicle surfaces. SCE systems provide clean air using the adiabatic manipulation of air (heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification), instead of traditional HVAC technology. We also keep your energy costs low by conditioning the air with waste low-grade heat that is generated by your manufacturing activities.

Police and correctional services

Police and correctional services facilities have vaults, strong rooms and safes that are strictly controlled and managed, which means they are often not well ventilated. SCE solutions make use of DrySPACE® systems to keep moisture levels below 40% relative humidity. This ensures arms and ammunition don’t corrode or lose their effectiveness. Our systems are also portable and available in a variety of sizes.

Minerals and mining

Mineral processing operations often occur in very humid environments, which affects machines and makes operations less efficient. SCE has a number of solutions to keep operations efficient by reducing the cost of maintenance and creating safer working environments in mines.

Injection and blow moulding condensation control

During injection and blow moulding processes, condensation can form on the walls of moulds. This moisture affects the quality of the plastic product being manufactured. The desiccant method we use in our technology allows us to create a specialised climate that reduces condensation. This solution also lowers the temperature of the water used to cool the plastic after the moulding process. The result is faster moulding cycles, which ultimately makes you more productive.