Food and beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers depend on effective climate control. SCE creates climate control solutions that are specific to our clients’ needs and significantly increase productivity, efficiency and quality. Our solutions also reduce energy consumption and, in the process, overall cost.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Reduce energy consumption

Create an environment for enhanced productivity

Lower overheads and total cost of production

Improve the quality of end product

Extend the shelf life of your products

Dry silo preservation

Powdered food such as starch, flour and sugar can solidify in silos and pneumatic conveying systems if exposed to humidity. SCE manages humidity levels to prevent this issue.

Sweets and candies curing, drying and storing

Sweets and candies need to be dried at a moderate heat to obtain a specific shape and texture. SCE will help you achieve this – while also keeping the storage environment dry.

Chocolate storage

Moist or humid storage conditions can affect the quality and appearance of chocolate products. SCE will maintain the perfect conditions.

Ice cream blast freezers

Blast freezers and low-temperature storage freezers work more efficiently when dry. Our systems control moisture levels to improve productivity and dramatically reduce energy consumption.

Sweets and gums pan-coating

The candy-coating process is more efficient when dry air accelerates the creation of the candy layer and improves surface quality. SCE can help.

Brewing tank room conditioning

Controlling the dew points of brewing tank rooms is vital to prevent condensation, mould and ice build-up. SCE will remove moisture, reducing energy as well as health and safety risks.

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