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Air handling

Get an all-in-one air handling unit to create your ideal climate

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Dehumidification and humidification

Reach perfect humidity levels to up productivity and quality

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Heating and cooling

Maintain the right temperature with smart HVAC technology

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Energy recovery

Cut electricity costs by turning waste energy into new energy

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Thermal Barriers

Thermal Barrier which reduces thermal loss from a cold to warmer area

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We understand your industry, its requirements and the latest technology available to boost your business. There is no sector too specialised for our team of experienced engineers to handle. From construction and power utilities to pharmaceutical production and data centres, we have the knowledge to improve your processes so you can beat your competition.




Actionable plans to increase productivity, efficiency and quality to help you get an ROI

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Engineering systems to enhance your business processes and improve production

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Monitoring, maintenance, call outs and repairs to ensure optimal functioning

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Short-term rentals, rent-to-own and trial-rent options to keep you productive

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About us

SCE’s climate engineering services help businesses across many sectors to control their working environment through the efficient heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification of air.

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Client testimonials

SCE assisted and installed solutions across 6 separate warehouses nationally for our freezers. They communicate well, are highly knowledgeable and installed the systems very professionally, making sure everything works 100%.
Africa Executive, Glen Vincent
It was an exceptional experience to work with SCE. Everything they do is of the highest quality. All promises made were met in the set timelines.
Engineering Manager, George Hudson
Grain Field Chickens
I will do business again in the future with SCE, because I base everything on merit, and I can see that this job was done properly. Companies only come recommended through holding a good reputation... and SCE's reputation precedes them.
see sporting centre
Budwa Abrosie, project liaison
Our Lady Of Lebanon Maronite Catholic School
Definitely amazed by the better temperatures achieved and also notable decrease of ice in the holding room after the installation of our new unit
Steven Emary, managing director
Komicx Products (Pty) Ltd
You underpromised and overdelivered. You said three months and reality showed three weeks for the ice to be removed.
Greg Saunders, depot manager
ICL, Durban
SCE provides support and assistance beyond the norm and expectation.
Luigi Rossi, customer support manager
In this world of increasing corruption and reduced service delivery, it’s a real treat to know that SCE not only performed an excellent service but also delivered on their promise. Their product really changed the face of our facility.
Dieter Veening, general manager
Table Bay Cold Storage
I have dealt with SCE since 2016, during which time they provided my business with excellent support in the areas of climate and energy efficiency, refrigeration optimisation and decreasing energy and running cost.
Jakes Small, managing director
Chilleweni Cold Storage (Pty) Ltd

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Celebrating a Decade of Sustainable Engineering Growth with SCE

Climate control is a crucial aspect of industrial and commercial processes. Over the past decade, Specialised Climate Engineering (SCE) has redefined climate control solutions with its custom and sustainable designs. As they celebrate their 10th anniversary, it is important to reflect on their journey and how they have helped businesses improve their efficiency and productivity. […]

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D-Max:The latest Seibu Giken innovation

Seibu Giken invented the silica gel rotor over 30 years ago and the latest version D-Max has once again proven the leadership within sorption technology with better capacity and lower energy consumption. Manufactured in Aluzinc or stainless steel, these units include internal heat recovery as standard, and are available with electric, steam or direct-fired gas […]

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Moisture: keeping the right balance

Water is essential for life – it covers over 70 percent of surface of the earth. It surrounds us. It is in the moisture in the air we breathe, it makes up more than half of the volume of our bodies and is found in a state of equilibrium in many other organic and inorganic […]