Power Utilities

Moisture can harm power generation processes and degrade assets such as capital turbines and generators. SCE’s dry air systems create extremely dry preservation conditions in any environment, regardless of the temperature. Our technology dries air without producing water, and with our specialised desiccant method, we achieve humidity below 15% with a corresponding temperature of 20°C.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Reduce moisture and corrosion

Maintain impedance levels on electrical insulation

Create the perfect climate with a low energy footprint

Accelerate generator resin curing after winding repair

Preservation and corrosion prevention

Moisture causes pitting corrosion on turbine blades and electric switchgears. Our systems remove moisture to reduce downtime and protect equipment. We offer permanent and portable solutions.

Generator repair, curing, drying and preservation

SCE can effectively dry the resin used on generator windings during maintenance. Our solutions also ensure the generator itself is completely dry before repairs begin.

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