Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology controls the climate in enclosed spaces such as offices, hotels, auditoriums and malls. SCE assists building managers to optimise working environments to increase comfort, health and productivity. Our solutions also reduce energy consumption.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Reduce energy consumption through optimised working environments

Eliminate "sick building" syndrome

Cut overheads of your internal environment maintenance

Mould prevention

Mould grows in humid environments and humidity can also corrode sensitive materials and electric components. SCE will dehumidify air, which reduces mould growth and corrosion.

Condensation prevention

Cooled air in a moist environment creates condensation, which can damage wiring systems and computers. Our dehumidifying systems prevent condensation, cutting down on hazardous electrical faults and maintenance costs.

Application with chilled beams

Condensation can form on chilled beams in ceilings in moist environments. SCE will maintain the dew point to prevent it.

Energy reduction

Direct Expansion (DX) dehumidification is energy intensive and expensive. SCE recommends desiccant sorption systems which are energy efficient and effective.

Fresh air conditioning

SCE air conditioning reclaims energy from extracted air to recondition fresh air, making this process more effective and efficient.

Free cooling

SCE’s range of FREECOOL™ direct and two-stage evaporative cooling systems provides highly efficient cooling for a fraction of the energy cost of conventional systems.

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