Call-outs and repairs

The SCE team is on call should you experience a breakdown or system issue. For a standard call-out fee, our technician will be on site to assess your machinery and allied equipment. We can also repair equipment not supplied by us.

Service and maintenance agreements

This is best for ongoing system management and includes monthly system assessments, routine adjustments, calibration service steps and filter changes, based on your system requirements.

SCE machines are also covered under a one-year warranty, which can be extended by up to three years depending on your maintenance agreement. The cost of all parts associated with wear and tear is also covered under the maintenance agreement.

Maintenance agreement benefits
Equipment is maintained at the required standard

No unnecessary breakdowns

Fixed cost of ownership, with wear and tear costs covered

Manage growth through ongoing consultation

Remote monitoring

SCE provides off-site monitoring to ensure your systems are maintained and in excellent working condition. In the event of an emergency or system malfunction, the SCE maintenance team and your designated team will be alerted in real time.

Remote monitoring benefits
Ensure equipment is maintained

Early warning of system malfunctions

Alerts for system failures and safety issues

Escalation of system threats

Monitoring of internal environmental conditions

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