Police and Correctional Services

Police and correctional services facilities have vaults, strong rooms and safes that are strictly controlled and managed, which means they are often not well ventilated. SCE solutions make use of DrySPACE® systems to keep moisture levels below 40% relative humidity. This ensures arms and ammunition don’t corrode or lose their effectiveness. Our systems are also portable and available in a variety of sizes.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Supply very dry air into storage chambers

Get solutions that don’t compromise security

Increase the lifespan of arms and ammunition

Keep arms and ammunition effective

Cut down on equipment loss and maintenance costs

Maintain operational readiness

Preservation of arms and ammunition

Weaponry and arms can’t corrode in dry environments. SCE solutions keep the air in the storage area dry to extend the lifecycle of ammunition and prolong the active status.

Fresh air management

The air in highly populated environments has to be clean. Our technology enables police and correctional services to use forced air replacement systems with a small physical footprint. These solutions also use less energy than conventional systems.

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