Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to carefully control airflow, pressurisation, air filtration, moisture and temperature inside their facilities. SCE’s desiccant method does just this. The method is an energy-efficient alternative to power-intensive DX-chilled-water-reheat systems and six times more efficient in low dew point conditions.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Full turnkey solution in air management

Enhance processes such as tablet pressing in dry-air environments

Ensure that your pharmaceuticals remain efficacious

Adhere to HEPA filtration, moisture and temperature requirements

Improve control over your manufacturing environment

Fresh air systems for low dew point environments

Drug manufacturers need a specialised approach to manipulating air in hot, moist and dirty environments. Our systems purify air with exact temperature and moisture content delivery and use up to six times less energy than conventional DX-Chilled-water-reheat systems.

Heat recovery of total loss systems

The conditioned air used in pressure rooms is typically exhausted to waste. This air contains valuable energy that can be recovered and used to recondition air. SCE technology provides up to 85% sensible heat recovery of waste air.

Low dew point dry-air systems for tablet manufacture

It is essential to control the air quality in the room during compressed starch-based tablet production. We provide plug-and-play solutions for existing plants to help solve marginal productivity issues and also offer bespoke full turnkey solutions.

Silo and production storage conditioning systems

Every pharmaceutical ingredient has a unique sorption isotherm graph. SCE technology enables manufacturers to control moisture content, so powdered ingredients remain granular. Our solutions also reduce the risk of solidification, which decreases maintenance and machinery downtime.

Energy reduction in low dew point systems

Dry air used for production can be reconditioned and reused. With an SCE solution you can condition the total air stream by first conditioning smaller quantities of air. These small systems use less energy than other solutions and reduce capital costs.

Drying of soft gel capsules and gums

Climate control is vital to productively and efficiently dry soft gel capsules and gums. SCE will create cool and dry environments to accelerate results and productivity.

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