The team at SCE first aims to understand your business, your objectives and the environment you operate in. We then identify production challenges that reduce your profitability. With this information, we produce an actionable plan to increase your productivity, efficiency and product quality.

Our process


SCE collects data about your business and existing technology

Model development

We build models with your data to identify potential solutions

System design

Our team works with you to determine the best option and to implement your solution

Energy consulting

SCE can identify your energy inefficiencies and design a plan to maximise productivity at the lowest possible energy cost.

Benefits of this service

Energy spend evaluation

We consider what you spend in consumed power vs the productivity you gain from that energy

Energy efficiency and productivity

Our power-efficient processes minimises your power use while maximising your productivity

System evaluation

We evaluate operational factors that create bottlenecks and then design systems to eliminate these challenges

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