Construction projects often require specialised solutions to dry concrete and other materials, or to keep structures dry and corrosion free. SCE solutions dry building materials by pumping dry air into cocooned areas at a low energy cost – even in wet weather conditions. You benefit from predictable drying times and fewer delays in the construction supply chain.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Dry your materials in any weather condition

Protect steel structures

Increase productivity and lower downtime

Preserve architectural features

Concrete drying

Rainy or cold weather slows the drying time of materials such as concrete. SCE can assist with drying materials regardless of the weather by pumping extremely dry warm air into a cocooned space, using very little electricity.

Preserving steel structures

Condensation can corrode steel structures, from bridges to wind turbine towers. SCE has solutions to maintain humidity levels below 45% to eliminate corrosion and protect materials, reducing maintenance costs.

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