Agriculture and horticulture

Agricultural and horticultural industries depend on reliable seed germination, good storage conditions and preservation of harvested crops. SCE has solutions to protect seeds from humidity that cause mould and decay. Our systems also keep crops preserved, increasing their value and shelf life of the end product.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Remove moisture pressure from ambient air

Increase quality and longevity of stored items

Keep crops mould free

Reduce overheads and total cost of product loss

Offer highly marketable seed with a longer shelf life

Seed storage

Moisture can affect the quality and longevity of seeds. SCE has solutions that maintains the ambient environment to preserve seed quality for years to come.

Potato storage

High and low moisture conditions can damage potatoes in storage facilities. With our equipment, farmers can harvest and store potatoes for long periods without risking moisture damage.

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion have to be dried before they can be stored and kept dry. With our solutions, producers can dry and store for a long time, enabling them to supply retail outlets year-round.

Silo conditioning and drying

Silos can also be kept dry using SCE’s systems. They preserve the contents of the silo and can even be used to dry the materials further.

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