Retail and Distribution

SCE's climate control solutions for retail and distribution environments remove water and ice in blast freezers, cold storage and logistics facilities using our patented DryZONE® systems. With these systems we can dry air at a dew point as low as -60°C, effectively removing all ice and moisture from a facility.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Ensure products remain moisture and frost free

Minimise ice formation on machinery

Reduce energy costs

Minimise moisture in working environments

Cut down on maintenance costs

Ice removal in cold storage and logistics

Traditional refrigeration often requires frequent and expensive defrosts cycles. SCE’s DRYZONE® technology improves efficiency of cooling plants by up to 40%.

Dry-storage temperature and moisture control

Many consumer products are damaged if not stored in cool and dry conditions. SCE maintains the climate conditions required to preserve hygroscopic materials and packaging, which reduces product replacement costs.

Reduce energy by removing moisture

SCE technology improves air drying and cooling in blast-, holding-, distribution- and logistics freezers. It uses less energy and minimises frost formation, reducing maintenance costs.

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