We engineer and implement systems that control the heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification and quality of air. Our technology manipulates humidity, temperature and constituent purity to create the best possible environment for efficient processing and production. As part of our planning, we consider two factors: the Human Comfort Window, and the Manufacture and Productivity Window. To address the Human Comfort Window, SCE will recommend a solution to manage the environment in which staff works. In this optimised environment, staff productivity increases and downtime decreases as employees experience fewer health issues. We consider the Manufacture and Productivity Window in situations where humidity and temperature affect the efficiency of machines and materials in the production process.

Benefits of this service


Our systems regulate moisture and temperature to protect your machines and keep them productive


We manage your facility’s climate so your equipment and staff can continue to work efficiently


SCE’s solutions reduce corrosion to maximise the life cycle of parts and machinery


Our technology keeps your equipment free from moisture so they’re always operational

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