Telecoms, IT and Data centres

The equipment inside telecommunications, IT and data centres can corrode when it is exposed to too much moisture. At the same time, too little humidity can cause static. SCE supplies a range of portable and fixed systems for active and long-term preservation of equipment. We also provide fixed, custom-designed systems and solutions for alternative energy cooling and energy recovery.

Benefits of SCE’s climate control solutions

Reduce moisture and the risk of corrosion

Eliminate static

Reduce energy consumption

Improve your power usage effectiveness (PUE)

Corrosion prevention and humidity control

When air is cooled and contracted to remove heat from computer servers and telecommunication switches, its relative humidity increases – causing corrosion and electronic failure. We’ll maintain an ideal band of moisture at very low energy levels, keeping your equipment safe from corrosion and static.

Free cooling systems

Because energy is expensive and not always available, telecommunications, IT and data centres have to keep their energy footprint low. Our FREECOOL™ systems are cost-effective alternatives to air conditioning and refrigeration-based cooling, which typically has a much higher energy cost.

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