The latest tech unveiled at 2017 DST Global Conference

As your provider of climate engineering solutions, SCE searches continually for the most energy efficient air manipulation systems that utilize alternative energy sources in order to give you, our customer, the benefit of the latest international cutting-edge technology.

SCE uses the silica gel desiccant wheel, a highly effective moisture control technology originated by DST and their parent company, Seibu-Giken. For close to five decades, Seibu-Giken has led the world’s research and development in heat exchange and dehumidification.

In order to stay up-to-date with this technology, I recently attended the global conference hosted by DST in Singapore for DST global partners and distributors of the DST Seibu-Giken family.

I enjoy the technology-rich and problem vs. solution application content present at these conferences, and this conference was no exception. Of particular interest to SCE and our Southern African customers is the launch of new desiccant wheel technology for smaller, compact, more powerful dehumidifiers as well as new medium sized high-efficiency and flexible capability dehumidifiers in the range.

The DST Recusorb range of dehumidifiers utilises a heat-recovery air stream to reduce energy used and to deliver cooler drier air. This range has an extremely small energy foot print in dehumidification for litres of water removed /kWh of electricity consumed.

On the larger systems, the highly energy efficient DST Frigosorb equipment was on display. For fresh air make-up systems with extremely low energy footprint, the DST Frigosorb combines both DX cooling and desiccant technology in series to reduce high moisture and temperature external air for neutral dry-air supply condition for a building. The heat absorbed by the DX evaporator coil is used to reactivate the desiccant wheel and remove the moisture from the wheel. The air is therefore cooled and dried to much lower dryness than a conventional DX-AHU while utilizing only the energy absorbed in the DX process.

The good news for you, our customer, is that the new technology showcased at the conference: the AQ-30B, the RL-60R and the RL-61R/LR models, will soon be added to our locally stocked portfolio for the benefit of your business.

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“John Andersen, SCE Managing Director”