Behind the SCE brand

The learnings from best practice of engineering innovation and industry worldwide provide business with the skills and capabilities to build the future of South Africa in a cost effective and socially responsible manner.

My career as an engineer has been built on a lifetime of learning from this best practice – both internationally and within South Africa – and by sharing that knowledge and experience with colleagues in industry to enable them to become competitive exporters in the global market.

Many years ago, as a young student engineer placed at large-scale systems located under ground in manganese mines and at Eskom’s power stations, I was impressed at the thermodynamic processes and vast amounts of energy needed to cool and manipulate air and fluids. On the other end of the engineering scale, in the early ‘90s I encountered for the first time a ‘green’, low- energy footprint building in Denmark. The homeowner was recovering heat from the warm waste water out of the dishwasher, washing machine, bath and shower, straining and filtering it. This high-value heat source was pumped to skirting heaters around the house. More than 25 years ago, long before the present global concern with energy savings, his home was a source of inspiration.

As an R&D engineer with Barlows Manufacturing and Reunert; working with Malaysian Panasonic air-conditioning factories owned by Matsushita allowed me to witness first-hand the efficient work methods and attention to detail in their R&D facilities, manufacturing plants and assembly lines. This was during the time of the Japanese and Malaysian economic boom, where it seemed that anything remotely possible quickly became a reality.

For 16 years with Munters (the Swedish adiabatic energy process company), I specialized in humidification, evaporative cooling and dehumidification using constant energy processes. Ultimately a Director of the company, my role involved constant travel, enabling me to encounter a broad range of business cultures and production environments worldwide, evaluating cost and efficiency models for global viability and sustainability.

The lessons learned from the efficiency culture of the East and the energy savings culture of Scandinavia, combined with my considerable global experience have driven me to find more efficient, cost-effective engineering solutions applicable worldwide.

With this knowledge and expertise, Specialised Climate Engineering (SCE) was launched in January 2014 to support South African business through excellence in engineering solutions. We offer effective and workable solutions through focus on the influence of energy, energy recovery and climate on materials, quality, production efficiency and manufacturing overhead.

Let your business benefit from years of international knowledge, expertise and experience in engineering.

Specialised Climate Engineering -“Engineering your sustainable growth®

“John Andersen, SCE Managing Director”