D-Max:The latest Seibu Giken innovation

Seibu Giken invented the silica gel rotor over 30 years ago and the latest version D-Max has once again proven the leadership within sorption technology with better capacity and lower energy consumption.

Manufactured in Aluzinc or stainless steel, these units include internal heat recovery as standard, and are available with electric, steam or direct-fired gas reactivation. Capacity control options include simple On/Off, multi-stepped binary control and full linear control.

Owing to the PLC-control the user can have full control over the relative moisture and temperature in the room or controlled area.

The DST dehumidifiers are also available in an ICE-version with higher process airflow, ideal for re-circulating installations.

Recusorb R operates using integrated heat recycling. During the rotor’s regeneration (green), heat is absorbed, and then recycled in the “purge zone”, where incoming air is pre-heated and partly dehumidified. Energy consumption falls and the dry air becomes both drier and cooler compared to other sorption dehumidifiers. DST dehumidifiers are able to produce dry-air dew-points lower than -65°C with an extremely low energy footprint.

Seibu Giken DST is a Swedish manufacturer of sorption dehumidifiers. DST dehumidifiers are sold through a world-wide net of representatives.

In Southern Africa, DST dehumidifiers are represented through their exclusive agents, Specialised Climate Engineering (Pty) Ltd.

For more information please contact us on Tel: +27 11 568 4440 or Email: info@sc-engineering.co.za.