Indoor sporting centre: Maronite Catholic School

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Christian School forms part of the Maronite church complex in Liefde-en-Vrede, Mulbarton in Johannesburg. The successful growth of the school resulted in the decision during 2014 to raise funds to upgrade and expand the sporting facilities. The goal was to provide an indoor sporting centre with a 25m pool and spectator stands, gymnasium facilities, changing rooms and ablution facilities and as well as two new sports fields with spectator stands. While an indoor pool centre provides a sheltered all-year round swimming facility, the nature of such a centre also poses the challenge of managing moisture build up and condensation. Keeping the indoor environment dry enough to protect the building and occupants requires an understanding of the requirements to keep the energy footprint of the facility low. Specialised Climate Engineering (SCE) was called in to provide an effective, sustainable climate control engineering solution. Budwa Ambrosie, Project liaison for Our Lady of Lebanon School commented that the job was well planned and expertly executed. Every aspect of the process was handled smoothly and SCE’s John Andersen was personally accountable and easily available. The mandate was met and expectations surpassed. Most importantly, there is a long term commitment to the maintenance and smooth running of the system, as system ‘service’ checks are conducted at regular intervals.