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In January, I attended my sixth AHR Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. The AHR or Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Exhibition, which showcases the latest technology supporting the HVAC and refrigeration industries is truly a global event, with close to 2000 exhibiting companies. This year, about 25% of the visitors were international, as I am.

Attending the Exhibition has always been an opportunity for me to evaluate trends in the industry. This ensures that I am up to date with the latest information with regard to improvements in energy reduction and system efficiency; heat recovery methods as well as the cutting edge industry focus on maximising human comfort and productivity in conjunction with ergonomic design, quality and upholding ASHRAE standards.

Showcased at AHR are not just the latest products and capital technology, but also improved technology and techniques for simpler and faster installations – of interest to both installation contractors and after-sales service technicians. For engineers and designers, software tools are continually developed to make our lives easier in the industry.

While continuous education is one of my motivators to attend the AHR annually, it also gives me an opportunity to spend some time with the team at Seibu-Giken DST, who are one of SCE’s principle technology providers. Seibu-Giken is the inventor of silica gel desiccant rotor technology, and are still the industry leaders in that technology, supplied in a range of dehumidifier products through their daughter company DST.

Of the 25% international visitors at the Exhibition, it was discouraging to note that only 3.7% of those were from Africa. The African continent is significantly under-represented in this industry. I am committed to assist both South African and African companies to introduce the latest HVAC technology to their manufacturing, packing and logistics enterprises. It will improve productivity, quality and efficiency, allowing our companies to become world players in producing quality products for both local and export markets.

This technological improvement opportunity involves a process of building awareness of the cutting-edge technology available. Education in our industry remains our collective responsibility, in sharing technology and technique to improve our practice. Rather than benchmarking ourselves against other local companies, we should be striving for world-class industry standards.

We at SCE will continue to strive to educate our customers so that they can improve on quality, productivity and efficiency with techniques utilizing specialized climate to meet each specific client requirement.

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