The benefits of SCE’s expertise

Achieving the correct climate conditions can be hit and miss for the uninitiated. Climate involves not only temperature control, but also encompasses humidity or moisture content, air or vapour pressure. What are the conditions needed for a manufacturing process or preserving a hygroscopic material? What about an expensive electronic component or a valuable work of art?

If the climate is too wet, mould grows or the product solidifies or rusts. If it is too dry, the product will desiccate, crack or become hard and brittle. Static and dust will be introduced. If the climate is too warm, products lose quality and shape; too cold and materials become brittle and personnel working conditions are adversely affected. “Human comfort” requires getting the right balance of heat and moisture to ensure human comfort is optimum. While dry heat is easily tolerated, the same temperature with high humidity can be unbearable.

SCE uses material isotherms to predict moisture content at a given temperature and humidity for materials in production, storage, transport or preservation. Achieving the right balance for the exacting standards for product or application success requires expertise, and has significant implications in terms of cost and energy usage.

In order to assist customers to meet these high standards, SCE introduces “Your Specialised Climate ®, unique to SCE. Our years of research and installation experience in a wide variety of applications enables us to assist you with the correct balance of humidity and temperature for the best quality, productivity, longevity and lowest energy footprint.

We have a unique Specialised Climate® window for every application in manufacturing, storage, preservation or other climate control challenges. Our climate engineering expertise allows us to predict what is required within close tolerance in temperature and humidity, using alternative energy saving methods. SCE is committed to recovering whatever waste energy is available from a facility, ensuring the lowest energy foot print is used to achieve the specialised result.

SCE offers the expertise and experience to assist you to meet the exacting standards for product or application success while reducing costs and energy usage. Join the many satisfied SCE customers using the Specialised Climate® window, who enjoy real results and remarkable efficiency.