Why working with SCE means long-term success

In this difficult economic climate, it is a challenge for businesses to maintain productivity, efficiency and quality. While it is important to choose the right engineering partner to provide innovative, effective and cost-saving solutions, even more important is to ensure that the partner chosen will prioritise your unique needs, working with you to build success through a long-term partnership.

At SCE, we are driven to help South African companies achieve excellence: world-class quality and profitability. At the heart of everything we do is our passion to assist and train our clients and their workforce to be as productive and efficient as possible. We understand the need to go beyond delivering effective solutions to our clients, working with you to ensure the success and sustainability of the product through client education, mentoring and support – a full-service relationship.

Over my many years in this field of engineering, I have learned one thing: clients want to be heard. They expect a call to be returned and that promises made are delivered on. Clients have a right to expect that they will be taken care of by a service provider that really listens and can be depended upon to deliver the appropriate technological solution that will meet present needs as well as those of the future. They expect to have feedback about the planning and status of the arrival or installation of the equipment. In the event that something should go wrong, the service provided by a clear agreement of expectation provides prompt expertise and available components, so that production lines continue to run smoothly with minimal disruption. In other words: that clients can trust that they get what they have paid for. Not too much to ask for, is it?

At SCE, we take quality seriously – and are committed to offering a service to clients that sets us apart. Our objective at SCE is to ensure that our clients’ experience exceeds expectations, with the focus on their specific business needs, their plans and their strategy in order to maximise their production capability, productivity and quality. Time is required to understand a customer’s needs and to match the solution to their business methodology. SCE takes that time, in order to respond to the present and future needs of every client, and goes beyond expectations to deliver, every time.

Over the years, our engineers have developed a reputation for their superb support of customers with preventative maintenance and advice for operational security and risk mitigation. After-sales attention is equally important in our culture – we measure our success by the retention of our clients, their happiness, and their testimonials of successive, successful projects with them. A referral from a client to an associate in the industry is an indication of the trust that is instilled when we do business.

Dependable service. Good relationship. Good engineering. That’s the SCE difference.

SCE, Engineering your sustainable growth®